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The Cytology staff perform internal quality control and quality assurance procedures. The Quality Management System is monitored by the performance of regular internal quality audit.

Services Provided by Cytology

Tel ext The majority of Non Gynaecological samples and Synovial fluids are generated in the hospital and are delivered to the laboratory by hospital staff. Services Provided by Cytology Non Gynaecological Cytology is a diagnostic service and we currently process around samples a year.

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The specimens are processed and then analysed by our Consultant Pathologist staff. Non Gynaecological Cytology serves as a valuable diagnostic tool to assist in the diagnosis or confirmation of a variety of pathologies, it may determine the course of treatment required, and facilitate the monitoring of disease.

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Andrology seminal fluid samples received may be tested for sperm clearance following a post vasectomy operation, or an assessment of the number and quality of sperm as part of an investigation into fertility. Andrology The Cytology department processes approximately seminal fluid samples per annum. Vasectomy reversal — this test is to check if a reversal of a vasectomy operation has been successful.

Fertility investigations — the seminal fluid sample is assessed for the number and quality of sperm. Haematospermia — this test detects if there is blood in the seminal fluid sample which could be due to a number of causes.

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The Andrology appointment system. Patient information packs for Post vasectomy testing and Fertility investigations There are two packs available, one for the Post vasectomy test and one for Fertility investigations.

Important Documents to bring to front reception with the semen sample. The questions are:- Is the sample complete? What is the abstention period prior to taking the sample 2 up to 7 days?

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What time was the sample taken? Transporting the semen sample Semen samples are to be kept warm and delivered by the patient, within an hour of being taken to Pathology front reception. Haematospermia samples. Turnaraound time for Andrology samples. Matt Coward and Dr. Brad Figler. The fellow will spend approximately equal time clinically with both Dr. Coward and Dr. Culley Carson, chair emeritus of UNC Urology, an international leader in the field of erectile dysfunction and prosthetic urology, and past president of the Sexual Medicine Society of North America, will remain on the fellowship faculty in a mentor capacity.

Coward sees male infertility patients at UNC Fertility and is performing full diagnostic and treatment services which include surgical sperm extraction under anesthesia in the on-site procedural suite. UNC Fertility is one of the only IVF clinics in the region that offers complete evaluation and treatment of the male in the office. The fellow will obtain a full unrestricted North Carolina state medical license and have full independent operative and clinic privileges as an attending.

These cases can be booked with either residents assisting or fellowship faculty assisting, depending upon preference and availability. The fellow will take attending adult and pediatric call at UNC Hospitals. Target audience All clinicians, biologists, scientists, IVF laboratory technicians and paramedicals interested in male infertility. General Information. Registrations Admission badges Registration fees Payment of registration fees Confirmation Cancellation of registration and reimbursement policy Press registration Registration desk. Exhibit and Sponsors. Plan your trip.

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Plan your trip Transport Tourist information. Ask us. Sunday 23 June PCC Sperm: Hot topics, cost-effectiveness and evidence-based decisions. Jackson Kirkman-Brown, United Kingdom. Nathalie Rives, France.

Sperm DNA damage: test everyone? Every male attending an ART unit.

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