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His early work looked at Byzantine demonology and sorcery, but for the last twenty years or so he has turned primarily to Byzantine hagiography and monasticism while maintaining interests in Byzantine magic.

A Global Perspective

Most recently he has been studying aspects of the history of Medieval Greece. He also works on the Crusades and their interaction with the Byzantine world of the eastern Mediterranean. Since he has been a tenured Professor in the Department of History with a cross appointment to Classics. From he was Chair of the Department of History.

Dumbarton Oaks Papers Vol. 1 - 59, Sadrzaj | Byzantine Empire | Mosaic

Holy Men of Mount Athos. The Life of Lazaros of Mt. Traditions of Belief in Late Byzantine Demonology.

Amsterdam: Adolf M. Hakkert, Washington D.

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Galesion," Dumbarton Oaks Papers 56 , Monuments, topography and everyday life p. Photheine Talbot, Alice-Mary Maffry. Anna Talbot, Alice-Mary Maffry. Becoming Byzantine. Caves, demons and holy men Talbot, Alice-Mary Maffry.

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The relics of new saints: deposition, translation, and veneration in middle and late Byzantium. Searching for Women on Mt. The Compositional Methods of a Palaiologan Hagiographer. Angeliki E.

Founders choices: monastery site selection Talbot, Alice-Mary Maffry. The devotional life of laywomen Talbot, Alice-Mary Maffry. The culture of lay piety in medieval Byzantium Gerstel, Sharon E. Monasticism Talbot, Alice-Mary Maffry.

Byzantine monastic horticulture: the textual evidence Talbot, Alice-Mary Maffry. Pilgrimage to healing shrines: the evidence of miracle accounts Talbot, Alice-Mary Maffry.


Byzantine women, saints' lives, and social welfare Talbot, Alice-Mary Maffry. Late Byzantine nuns: by choice or necessity? The posthumous miracles of St. Old wine in new bottles: the rewriting of saints' lives in the Palaeologon period Talbot, Alice-Mary Maffry.

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Women Talbot, Alice-Mary Maffry.