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This is slightly different from just selling ads on your site.

Back up a littleā€¦ What is passive income?

Sponsorships may be a one-off piece of sponsored content or permanent logo embedded in your footer. It may take a lot of work to create and market your products, but once all the leg work is over, you can just set back and collect the proceeds. In other words people will pay you for using your work or creative assets.

Just like with a blogging site, there are several ways to earn a passive income by selling physical products. Probably one of the best known ways is by selling your old junk on eBay. When you invest in stocks, you become a stakeholder. That entitles you to a share of their profits. They will then match you with a consumer who either prefers or has trouble securing a loan from a bank.

Thanks to Airbnb, you can rent out your home while on vacation or your vacation home when not in use. You can also rent out your garage, parking space, or unused office space.

  • Brownings Beginnings: The Art of Disclosure;
  • Being Well Rested Can Make People More Valuable at Work and Better in Investing, Research Suggests.
  • 7 Ways to Make Passive Income While You Sleep - Beautiful Dawn;
  • National Lampoons Doon.
  • Straight-through processing for financial services.
  • Community Psychology.

Just be aware that if you are not the owner of your space, there may be stipulation in your rental agreement that makes Airbnb a no go. Entrepreneur Media, Inc.

Side Hustles You Can Do in Your Sleep

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Side Hustles You Can Do in Your Sleep

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How can I earn more with Salad?

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