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Blue Remembered Earth (Poseidon's Children Series #1)

More importantly, the projected seriesand the work Reynolds has yet to producewill tell us much about the state of SF in the early twenty-first century. If Reynolds can keep this upand there's enough planted here for future volumes to already suggest that he canhe might have one of the most enjoyable series of the still-young decade.

As speculation about a mid s Earth and nearby solar system, Blue Remembered Earth is simply unrivaled in recent SF and if only for that and the novel is a top 25 of mine A compulsive read that you do not want to put down If you want to understand why SF at its best is still the most interesting form of literature today, Blue Remembered Earth [is the place] to go.

Show More Show Less. Add to Cart. Pre-owned Pre-owned. See all 8. Compare similar products. You Are Viewing. Trending Price New. Show less Show more. People who bought this also bought. Ratings and Reviews Write a review. Most relevant reviews. Good book Book in great condition. Her by Pierre Jeanty , Paperback 6. The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt , E-book. Clearly, Al reynolds other books come recommended, as do Peter Hamiltons.

Which character — as performed by Kobna Holdbrook-Smith — was your favorite? Its not short enough to do so, but yes I would have liked to. Great book! I look forward to the next instalment. This book will assist you in realizing how epic you are as a human being. Just imagine of all the inert matter in this solar system alone, in the galaxy, and in the universe You are conscious and self aware of what you are doing.

The universe is your mollusk. Just when you get into the groove of how the world in this book works, you find out how meaningless it all is.

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Everything is is very local. That feeling of how important you are as a human being can be shaken down to make you feel how very small and insignificant we all are. There are elephants, lunar dwarf elephants, neural clones, evolving robots, space flight, a human stomping the face off a robot, bombs, and self repairing glasses in restaurants that heal them selves after being dropped on the floor. Now good luck waiting for book 2. What did you like best about Blue Remembered Earth?

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What did you like least? He should have skipped the whole first part of the book and instead fleshed out just the last section of the last chapter was it an epilogue? The best potential parts of the book were in the Evolvarium on Mars as well as the underwater colony, but unfortunately both were extremely underdeveloped and all the action I was imagining coming stayed mostly over the horizon.

Really disappointing. Still an engaging writer in terms of style though. I have read everything Reynolds has written so far and unfortunately, after two misses in a row, I'm starting to doubt that he will ever get back to his best. Hopefully he can get back to his best with the next one.

Very well read by Kobna, accents were impressive and differentiation between male and female voices was mostly well handled. Production value of the title was very good overall with small amounts of theme music placed strategically. Did Blue Remembered Earth inspire you to do anything? Buy into an African multi-national company When narrating certain characters, it's really hard to make out the words as it drops to almost whisper.

What disappointed you about Blue Remembered Earth? I've read and listened to a number of Alastair Reynolds books and they are generally excellent. Reynolds usually writes complex and quickly moving plots with many twists. My personal favourites to date have been Terminal World and The Prefect. By comparison this book is very slow and far less engaging.

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What could Alastair Reynolds have done to make this a more enjoyable book for you? The plot should have moved more quickly. The characters were not engaging, it was difficult to empathise with them. All of them, the narrator was excellent. This book has not put me off Alastair Reynolds as an author. I'm a big fan of Alastair Reynolds's novels but particularly the Revelation Space series so the concept of a medium-future space opera is an enticing one.

Most SF tends to be 5 minutes from now or way way in the future so this is atypical, set in a time of colonization of the inner planets, with more sporadic industrial colonization of the outer planets and their moons. Due to environmental collapse due to global warming, Africa as emerged as a major power, and the main characters are black sheep members of the very rich and successful Akinya family making lots of money out of space tech.

Doing a favour for his yuppie-ish cousins, Elephant behavioural scientist Geoffrey Akinya is sent on a treasure hunt around the solar system after artefacts left by the fearsome and recently deceased family matriarch Eunice, whose adventures around the solar system started the whole thing off.

Hardback Editions

Kobna Holdbrook-Smith does another fantastic narration job here. He can do an old Chinese lady talking to a young African boy and put you in the conversation, without it seeming like an episode of Allo Allo. The narration is not as bad as some people think to me anyway. The book is based around Africa and once you accept that and that all the accents are African based, then its all good. My main problem isn't with the voice, its those stupid pan-pipes that are there inbetween a lot of chapters.

I would be quite happily listening away in my own little world and then that effin noise would come along and get me all riled up. The book itself is not as good as his other work. At this stage I have listened to pretty much all his books available on Audible and this is probably the one I liked least, but still enjoyable for all that This is a trip back to the roots of the Reynolds universe.

Humans have not yet travelled further than the solar system but you can see the nascent technology of his other books here. It is a slow start to what I suspect will become a far ranging story in subsequent volumes. There isn't much edge of the seat excitement until the second half of the book and it is used sparingly; it was a good listen and I found myself going back over passages as there is a lot of plot to this story and it helps to pay attention.

I was alarmed to read a couple of the other comment here about the narration but I was relieved to find it a lot better than many other books I have listened to from Audible. The narrator has a good range of tone to separate the characters and good diction; his accents are also appropriate to the story and he reads it with expression which demonstrates and transmits understanding. Overall I would say Holdbrook-Smiths narration added to the presentation rather than being a distraction.

The only reason for not giving 5 stars is this a not quite a "can't put it down to the end" book, but it is a good story to be savored in manageable segments. An engrossing tale of a future world. I'm about two thirds through and really enjoying it. I'm also quite amazed by all the flak the narrator's getting.

I've been very impressed with his work - his characterisation is subtle and consistent and "acted" to a high standard. Clearly it seems he's not for everyone, but to my ears, he does a great job. This review is more about the narration than the book, I just want to take issue with the negative reviews of Kobna Holdbrook-Smith. I find his narration style excellent and very suitable for this work, initially i had a little problem identifying voices of the main character and his sister as children they sounded too alike but after the first chapter the narrator seemed to 'find his voice' and things improved dramatically.

Give this book a chance and dont be put off by the negative reviews. This was the first Alastair Reynolds I've listened to or read and I was pleasantly surprised! Too often science fiction books are filled with endless paragraphs of exposition explaining how this or that works or can be scientifically explained; some people obviously like that kind of thing, but I prefer more nuance in writing style, prefer an author who can explain the science through the story and Reynolds has done just that in this book.

As for the narration, I thought it was brilliant. Perhaps those who have had problems with this narrator had issues because they were so used to the narrator who has a very particular style who has done so much of Reynolds other work? Anyway, I thought this narrator was fantastic. Could've done without the music between parts, but luckily that didn't come up often.

I'm off to buy the sequel. Would you recommend this book to a friend? Why or why not? Yes, but not every friend. They would have to like rollicking adventure mixed with mostly hard sci-fi and not mind the occasional plot hole. I'm friends with people like that.


Worlds in Ink - Sci-Fi and Fantasy Book Reviews: Review: Blue Remembered Earth

Which scene did you most enjoy? I liked the scenes on the moon, particularly with the genetic zoo keeper characters. Do you think Blue Remembered Earth needs a follow-up book? Well it has, and I was happy to spend more time with the Akinya family. I really liked Kobna Holbrook-Smith's narration It probably took me about a third of the book to get used to his unusual style but once I did I loved the quirky voice choices and caramel tones.

I really enjoyed this. The narration is great and I haven't a clue why there are so many negative reviews about it. If you're in doubt listen to the sample. Having previously heard all of Alastair Reynolds' novels on Audible and greatly enjoyed John Lee's narration I was initally put off by some of the negative reviews of Kobna Holdbrook-Smith's work.