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Home Recipes Not sure what to cook? Inspire me. Almost a national dish of Thailand, Mary Cadogan's simplified take makes it easy to shop for - and very authentic tasting Making your own fragrant curry paste takes some special Asian ingredients and a little time but you'll taste the difference A smooth and and spicy chicken soup with a vibrant colour that's packed full of Asian aromatics An authentic and deliciously nourishing clear Thai broth with seafood and big bold flavours by John Torode.

Take the classic pad Thai to new levels, adding king prawns and tofu, pickled turnip and tamarind paste - a dish for two that's packed with flavour Use fragrant hot red curry paste as the base to this coconut curry dish with baby sweetcorn, coriander and soy. Similar to pad Thai but with better-for-you brown rice, this Asian shellfish pot with egg, coriander and peas is filling and fresh. This stir-fry has a welcome spicy kick. Once you've made the paste, it takes only 10 minutes to cook A no fuss shopping list and super-quick to prepare, the perfect after work meal.

This low-fat yet satisfying salad is full of authentic Asian flavour and will add plenty of zing to al fresco dining. A traditional Thai dish packed with aromatic flavours, that's easy to prepare and packed with aromatic flavour Look for a pungent aroma from the combination of coriander, cumin, cloves, ginger and cinnamon. The flavors of this curry are slightly sweet and sour from tamarind sauce. This dish is done right when the fish is fried whole — head, tail and all.

Striped bass and grouper are both good candidates for this treatment, topped with a traditional sweet, sour and spicy sauce. A word to the wise: The stuff in the head is delicious.

Most commonly called basil chicken, beef or shrimp, this dish is a Thai favorite. The condiments for this dish: fish sauce and chopped chilies. Sign up for the best of Food Republic, delivered to your inbox Tuesday and Thursday. Home Recipes Drink Travel. Cat Lau February 17, Look for these delicate, fried vessels filled with chicken, potato, corn, carrot and cream sauce.

A rare find, gai haw bai toey has aromatic pandan leaves wrapped around flavorful marinated chicken. The plate pictured above is a meal deal including fried pork and a fried egg over the top of a bed of rice. Khao pad tom yum is a trendy Thai dish, popular with students and the younger generation, not so much at traditional restaurants or stalls. Flavored with roasted prik pao chili sauce, kaffir lime leaves, thin slices of galangal and lemongrass, this is a glorious version of fried rice!

Duck is very commonly eaten in Thai cuisine and there are two main ways of cooking it. The first is known as bpet yang roasted duck and the second method is bpet paloe boiled in soy sauce and Chinese five spice. A few slice of duck and its precious skin served over a plate of rice and drizzled in duck juice is known as khao na bpet. Khao kluk kaphi is a Thai style mixed fragrant rice dish.

Day old rice is stir fried with Thai shrimp paste to give it a subtle, not overpowering flavor. The dish is then topped by a diverse range of exciting fresh ingredients like shredded green mango, sweet fried pork, red onions, a fried egg and a squeeze of sour lime. I love khao kluk kaphi and think it is one of the Thai street food greatest hits.

Really, you can order stir fried Thai basil with just about any kind of meat your heart desires — shrimp, squid, chicken, pork, or tofu. Common practice is to order a fried egg on the side and sprinkle chili laced fish sauce on top. The peppery taste of the seared basil, the salty chicken, and the runny egg yolk, make pad gra pao among the list of local Thai favorites.

Of all the things to do in Bangkok , a visit would not be complete without an order of pad gra pao! Catfish and all the tasty Thai dishes that are made from it, make it one of the most commonly beloved fish in Thai cooking. Though pad phet pla duk tod is swimming in a layer of oily grease, the tempting flavor makes it a crowd pleaser. The catfish is cut into small pieces before being deep fried through and through — not just to cook it, but to turn the entire piece of fish into almost a catfish potato chip. The fish is finally stir fried in sweet chili sauce and garnished with slivers of kaffir lime leaves before being ready to dish up.

The onc in the picture obviously includes coconut milk in the sauce, but both ways are delicious. The curry is flavored with garlic, turmeric root and simmer kaffir lime leaves.

The dish consists of clams that are stir fried with an abundance of Thai roasted chili shallot paste prik pao and at the final moment of being cooked, a generous handful of sweet basil is tossed on top. Slow smoked over a bed of charcoal, these gnarly creatures manage to soak up the flavor of smoke like a sponge. Each bite of the catfish is almost like meat, flaky and extremely smoky. The chili dipping sauce provided makes a pla duk yang a welcomed addition to any Isaan meal!

Pad Thai - ผัดไทยกุ้งสด

I sometimes go through periods of Thai food addiction to certain dishes and my heart was on larb pla duk for at least a couple of months — and I would still rate it as one of my favorite Thai dishes. Remember the smoked out catfish above? The contrast of the crunchy fish and the sauce is simply a marvelous thing as so many local eaters can testify to!

Sometimes the fish is deep fried before being stir fried and other times straight raw fish pieces are stir fried and combined to make the dish — whatever method the chef deems appropriate, it will be good! I love it either way. One of the giants of Thai seafood dishes is pla kahpung neung manao , a steamed Asian seabass barramundi in sour lime sauce.

The steamed fish remains moist and fall apart tender while the sauce is sharply limey and pungently alive with sliced chillies and raw garlic. Healthy and massively flavorful, this is surely a dish to impress! At seafood restaurants, this dish will even be brought to your table in a metal fish shaped dish with a candle lit on the bottom to keep it hot while you enjoy your meal!

Shrimp in my opinion is one of the great edible things on the planet. The crunchy fried fish paired with the hot and sour soup is another wonderful display of the essential tastes of sweet, sour, spicy and salty all married into a single Thai dish. Snakehead fish is one of the most typical fish to eat in Bangkok and throughout Thailand. In pla chon lui suan , the snakehead fish is steamed along with a bunch of different vegetables and then covered in a zesty sour massively garlicky sauce that bursts with flavor.

The combination of fish and vegetables is hard to beat! It was hopeless. The fish is first stuffed full of lemongrass and then plastered in salt before being place on the grill. On low heat the salt protects the skin leaving the flesh moist and flaky. One of the favorite dishes of any khao gaeng rice and curry stand is little fried fish. Extra toasted pieces of turmeric are sprinkled on top to really bring out the flavor. Shredded green papaya, tomatoes, and long beans form the bulk of the salad while dried shrimp, toasted peanuts and lots of red chillies add their own unique component.

The ingredients, rather than being mixed up, are pounded using a wooden mortar and pestle so the flavors truly blend together.

Crispy Thai Chicken Salad

There are many different kinds of som tam eaten throughout Bangkok. Here are a few of the most common types:. For a twist on Thai green papaya salad, it can be nice to order green mango salad, prepared in a very similar way. Sharply sour green mangoes are shredded up and mingled with toasted peanuts and a dressing of fish sauce and lime juice to create a wonderfully refreshing healthy salad. It may sound weird or even unappetizing, but wait until you give som tam ponlamai a taste before you come to any conclusions! The diverse mixture of flavors is an absolute thrill for the tongue!

The chewiness of needle mushrooms is what makes this salad so delightful. Needle mushrooms are kind of like chewing on pieces of pork fat, except much much healthier! Needle mushrooms are included in a few different kinds of Thai dishes, but I really enjoy them mixed into a salad along with fresh tomatoes, onions and celery.

Lemongrass is a common ingredient in Thai cooking, but most of the time the woody stalks are boiled to extract the lemony fragrance and discarded. However, if sliced very finely, lemongrass can be eaten without tearing your throat. Yam takrai goong sot includes boiled shrimp, red onions, toasted cashew nuts and the all important slices of lemongrass. The variety of textures and sweet lemon aroma of the stalks create a marvelous mixture. Eating lemongrass is also used in Gaeng Run Juan , a traditional Thai dish.

Apart from an annual slice of pumpkin pie on American Thanksgiving , pumpkin to me was useless. Pumpkin coconut curry is wonderful, but I really like pumpkin stir fried with egg. The pumpkin is cooked soft and the accompanying egg adds a subtle richness. Tofu is not nearly as common as it was where I visited in China , but there are some Thai dishes that use tofu as a secondary ingredient.

How to Make Classic Pad Thai - Cooking with Poo

Tao hoo song kreung is a mixed tofu dish that included pieces of egg tofu, minced pork, and whatever bits of vegetables the chef decided to throw in. Sometimes, like in the photo, the tofu is fried in oil separately before joining the other ingredients so it has that perfect crispiness on the outside, but is silky soft on the inside. That very first plate has since turned into hundreds, if not thousands of devoured plates of cabbage fried with minced pork and egg. Cooked on high flame with lava hot oil, the cabbage remains crisp and not watery.

Chicken is stir fried in many variations and along with many different strong flavoring ingredients in Thailand.

Pad Thai recipe- How to make authentic Pad Thai in four simple steps

If you love the earthy spiciness of ginger, gai pad king is a Thai dish you need to eat. This allows the ginger to be a dominant ingredient yet remain almost sweet with just a hint of bitterness. This means that if you want plain stir fried vegetables, you can order it exactly the way you want, to your own personal specification. Be sure to check out a copy of the Thai food guide. To me this is one of the standard Thai dishes — something I keep coming back to lunch after lunch.

Bitter melon stir fried with shrimp or stir fried with egg are both wonderful Thai dishes!

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Vegetables are commonly eaten and widely available throughout all of Thailand, but no stir fried veggie dish is as popular as pad pak bung fai daeng. The morning glory also known as water spinach makes the perfect accompanying dish to any well rounded Thai meal. The vegetable is scorched on high heat with oil at just the right temperature so it remains freshly crispy and salty with oyster sauce. The leaves and shoots are stir fried with oyster sauce and garlic so the dish is massively flavorful and the texture is slightly tough but tender at the same time.

From baba ghanoush to Sri Lankan brinjal , there are so many recipes from around the world that highlight the goodness of the gourd plant. One of my favorite ways to eat eggplant in Thailand is roasted and then mixed into a salad.