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We no longer live in a world of duels or conventional warfare. First came insurgency, now terrorism. Warfare has changed and threats take on new shapes, calling for the most adapted responses in a context of increased uncertainty and unpredictability.

Drone Theory by Grégoire Chamayou review – a provocative investigation | Books | The Guardian

Should drones not simply be read as the latest incarnation of a perennial dynamic? Drones are undeniably imperfect weapons: they fan the flames of hatred against the West by denying political grievances, set dangerous precedents for other powers seeking to carry out extra-judicial executions across the globe and overall lack transparency and accountability. Yet, they have also demonstrated their effectivity in fostering a sense of helplessness and shrivelling terrorist leadership otherwise left to thrive in the face of governmental inaction — arguments that Chamayou glosses over.

Nonetheless, Chamayou masterfully dissects and helps elucidate much of the twisted logic behind the justification of drones as well as their revolutionary impact on warfare. After graduating with an M. She has just published an article exploring the ideological and philosophical differences between Al Qaeda and the Islamic State in Philosophy Now. Read more reviews by Audrey Borowski.

These weaponised aircrafts are systematically used and abused by the United States outside of […]. Click here to cancel reply. Explore the latest social science book reviews by academics and experts. Facebook Facebook. Ultimately, however, as Chamayou reminds us: The precision of the strike has no bearing on the pertinence of the targeting in the first place.

Military strategist Carl von Clausewitz captured its essence in his magnum opus On War : We should not forget that our mission is to kill and be killed. Previous post Next post. Leave A Comment.

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Indie Bound. Barnes and Noble. A Theory of the Drone. Translated by Janet Lloyd. From a leading philosopher, a new theory of how drone warfare is transforming our world.

Topics: Philosophy Current Affairs. Chamayou is masterful at unmasking just how ethically bankrupt and dangerous it is to kill people by remote control. But it is his theory of the drone that is even more chilling.

Drone Theory by Grégoire Chamayou review – a provocative investigation

It demands that we consider the emergence of a new ethical and political norm of war that is neither war as we know it—nor peace. News and Reviews Longreads.

Game Theory: Are Humans Obsolete? (Ghost Recon Breakpoint)

See more. As a result, human decision is marginalized along with responsibility. The rise of neuroscience in recent years has resurrected a centuries-old debate over the relationship between science and philosophy. Although there are various positions in this debate that fall along a complex spectrum, the voices at either end have garnered the most attention. At one end, many scientists, and even some philos- ophers, argue that everything can be explained in terms of our biology, especially our brains.

At the opposing end, many philosophers, and even some scientists, counter that science may be able to explain how the world works but it comes up short when grappling with why the world works that way. Related Papers.

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