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The second problem is that the two sides of the debate are not equally presented. Science is put on the spot, with which I have no problem. However, the issue of the 'designer' is not subjected to the same intensive forensic process, leaving the viewer with nothing more than the notion of an unseen guiding hand, occasionally in a 'God of the Gaps' scenario.

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The scientific evidence provided by science is analysed to justify what is presented as two equally valid alternatives, one of which is in fact anti-science! The closing address to the audience was given by Mike McGrath, the head of the Scottish Catholic Education Service who stated that the God Question had 'huge potential' and that as well as the subject matter being raised in RME Religious and Moral Education classes it was also valid to discuss the issues raised in science classes. This is further confirmed by an advertisement for a national conference today in Scotland organised by SCES for Catholic schools to review the product, which states:.

The conference is aimed at teachers of Religious Education and teachers of Science in Catholic schools. In both curricular areas teachers are expected to engage senior phase students in exploring the links between Science and Religion and in addressing significant moral and ethical issues in today's world. The conference will illustrate how useful this resource can be in supporting this area of learning and it will address ways in which Catholic schools might extend teachers' understanding of Church teaching on some challenging issues.

And so back to the quote at the beginning of this blog from Judge John Jones in Pennsylvania in December Intelligent Design may not have wormed its way into the science classrooms in Dover County, Pennsylvania, but five years on it is now back in shiny new packaging, labelled as 'evidence based and balanced' and getting into the science classrooms in Scotland.

Creator God: The debate on intelligent design | The Christian Century

And with the enthusiastic support of the Church of Scotland and the Scottish Catholic Church, we also now know that turkeys definitely do not vote for Christmas. The views expressed in our blogs are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of the NSS. Tags: Education , Scotland , Creationism.

Read More. We campaign for the law and the administration of justice to be based on equality, respect for human rights, and on objective evidence. Blasphemy to intimidation, we've always robustly challenged religious threats to free expression. Public services that are intended for the whole community, especially those funded by public money, should be provided in a secular context.

The Fine-Tuning of the Universe

We campaign on a wide range of topics where religious privilege impacts public life. For over years we have campaigned for disestablishment, the separation of the C of E and state. The creator of an inclusive school programme has emphasised the importance of teaching children about equality at a major NSS lecture. A Jewish state school may continue enforcing strict religious observance criteria on children and their families. The government has said it will not prevent a Jewish school from severely restricting families' IT use after the NSS raised concerns.

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An NSS report has called for an end to religious appointees on council education committees in Scotland. As a matter of procedure, the design must first be apprehended before there can be any further question about the designer. The inference to design can be held with all the firmness that is possible in this world, without knowing anything about the designer.

For instance, design theorists recognize that the nature, moral character and purposes of this intelligence lie beyond the competence of science and must be left to religion and philosophy. Intelligent design In particular, intelligent design does not depend on the biblical account of creation. For design theorists, the conclusion of design constitutes an inference from data, not a deduction from religious authority. Intelligent design theory provides a rigorous scientific demonstration of this long-standing intuition. Let me stress, the complexity-specification criterion is not a principle that comes to us demanding our unexamined acceptance--it is not an article of faith.

Rather it is the outcome of a careful and sustained argument about the precise interrelationships between necessity, chance and design. Its only commitment is that the design in the world be empirically detectable. All the design could therefore have emerged through a cosmic evolutionary process that started with the Big Bang. What's more, the designer need not be a deity. It could be an extraterrestrial or a telic process inherent in the universe. ID has no doctrine of creation. Scott and Branch at best could argue that many of the ID proponents are religious believers in a deity, but that has no bearing on the content of the theory.

ID claims that many naturalistic evolutionary scenarios like the origin of life are unsupported by evidence and that we simply do not know the answer at this time to what happened. This is not a matter of being vague but rather of not pretending to knowledge that we don't have. If intelligent design is truly a scientific discipline, then this makes perfect sense, for there are limits on what science can tell us, and science is not capable of studying the evidence to tell us if the designer was supernatural or natural.

Intelligent design theory begins and ends with observations of the natural world.

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It begins with observations of intelligent agents in the natural world, in order to quantify the sort of information they tend to emplace into their designed objects. It ends with observations as we study natural objects to determine if they contain that information which we know is a tell-tale sign that an intelligent agent played a hand in the origin of that object.

True to the scientific method, throughout the entire process of testing for intelligent design, we are making observations of the observable natural world. Science, and thus intelligent design theory, can only discover what is found in the observable realm. We cannot access the supernatural.

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Thus intelligent design proponents make it clear that all their theory can do is tell if a natural object bears the hallmarks of having been designed--it cannot tell you anything about the designer, much less that it was a supernatural deity. The vast majority of scientists and a United States federal court of law, however, have rejected intelligent design and declared it to be religiously motivated pseudoscience Forrest and Gross How should Christians think about intelligent design?

Creationism and intelligent design

What of its conclusion-that evolutionary theory is wrong? Is mainstream science too restrictive in insisting on naturalistic explanations for observed phenomena? Because the intelligent design movement began almost 30 years after Christian writer C.

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Lewis did, however, write frequently about the nature of science, including evolution. His views on this topic have been appreciated by believers and unbelievers alike.